Thrive – you are alive

We thrive when we learn about ourselves and unfold in the right environment

When people thrive in their jobs, their skills and talents come to the fore and they produce their most creative work – this is our core philosophy. So how do we create the right environment for people to thrive?

Insight and self-knowledge

To thrive, we must know ourselves and the kind of nourishment we need to thrive on. Because all growth is based on a fundamental level of self-awareness, it is therefore essential. It is essential for us to learn about our unique qualities, talents and history because growth emerges out of authentic self-knowledge – which includes an investigation of our values, purpose, experiences, typology, competencies, accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses.

Conceptualisation of growth

We teach psychology, typology, the seven coaching strategies, conflict resolution, awareness-training, transformational skills, and the art of self-leadership.

Personality evaluation

We help people to develop a clear understanding of their personality through coaching and meditation and through an assessment of their purpose, goals, values, needs, skills and experiences.

Typological assessment and development

We help people to gain insights into their typological combination through testing, evaluation and coaching. This brings about an awareness of our natural gifts, qualities, talents and resources. It also provides insight into our core challenges, imbalances and immaturities, and how we can overcome them.

Leadership training

We help people discover their inner strengths through the seven leadership styles and an understanding of their will. We foster a capacity for self-leadership and an ability to practice strong, good and skilful will.

Transformational capacity

We give people tools for self-mastery so they can deal with anxiety, fear, aggression, depression, inner resistance and pain in all its shapes and forms.

Group consciousness

Each group has its own personality, with particular qualities,
talents, conflicts and immaturities. We can provide insight and overview into
the typological features of groups and organisations so you can know your group’s
strengths and weaknesses from a group culture perspective.

Conflict resolution

We provide insights that foster a greater understanding of
diversity and empathy by exploring how the different types of people interact in relationships and in groups. Training in communication and mediation is also
applied here.