Be your own change agent!

Sub-personalities are aspects of our psyche which protects, creates and secures that our needs are met and is the expression of our inner self. They are created from early childhood and run through our course of life as it unfolds.

To be aware of and able to manage our sub-personalities is the key to a mature and self controlled expression.

Our sub-personalities are usually the cause of our:

  • Motivation as well as resistance
  • Drive as well protection
  • Growth as well as stagnancy

There is an infinite number of them and only you can discover, express, heal and transform them fully into being the highest expression of your potential.

Why should you work with your sub-personalities?

There are many reasons and ways. Here is a some of them.

  • To obtain tools and insights into your personal and professional development.
  • By creating insight into unconscious strategies, patterns, needs and actions.
  • By revealing and creating deeper truths, emotional recognition, connection and understanding of your core personal sub-personalities.
  • Awaken deeper understanding of the will of sub-personalities, their force, traits and motivation.
  • By creating a map of unconscious strategies and patterns.
  • Changing your destructive patterns and roles, personally and professionally
  • Tools for stress management
  • Liberation of unconscious patterns
  • Creating more ability to consciously choose your reactions, behavior and outcome
  • Deepened contact with your own values and commitment to self
  • Stronger ability to speak your truth
  • Creating more personal freedom
  • Inhabiting more authentic leadership, personally and professionally


They key element in this method of learning is the practical exercises that form a deep bonding within yourself and create an understanding beyond the intellectual level and form a deeper knowing.

The program  will provide a  continued flow and inner awareness and ability to understand more deeply and possibly integrate the sub-personalities on a deeper level.

You can expect a deepened inner contact and understanding for the longing and needs within yourself.

Tools for your inner transformation

A spontaneous healing of certain traits may also occur during this practice. You will also have tools and insight into how to change your attitude and response to certain matters/relations.

Your will have a new understanding of how to achieve better self control and how to move further.